hello, i'm nasya.

my mission in life is to create a world where each of us feels at home in ourselves and in the world.

"...life isn't about chasing individual moments. It's about connecting them, like those colorful paper chains we used to make in kindergarten."

i get it, and I've done it too. We're all out there, ticking off those boxes of conventional success. But for me, there was always that niggling feeling, that quiet whisper, that was saying, 'Hey, there's more to this.' That whisper, that was my younger self, curious and full of wonder about the grand mysteries of life, asking, 'Why are we really doing all of this?', 'What's the purpose behind it?' and 'What's beyond the horizon?'​

so, I stepped into the realm of personal development, a real playground for someone as curious as me. But the tricky part? Trying to live a life that honors my needs and my relationships and also fits into this societal structure we're all a part of. And that's trickier than it sounds.

​the more I ventured down this path, the more life revealed its true nature to me, a beautiful dance of mess and magic, chaos and charm.​

and then it hit me: life isn't about chasing individual moments. It's about connecting them, like those colorful paper chains we used to make in kindergarten. The glue that holds those moments together, those small changes, little interactions, the threads of relationships - they were the real game changers. These 'insignificant' moments hold the power to weave a vibrant tapestry of life.

this realization set my world on fire, and now, I want to share this spark with you. We've got this one shot at life, right? So, how do you want to truly feel in it?

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"nasya transformed how we work, but more importantly, how we work together."
Rachel Rosenzweig, Senior Director
Communications and Policy at SoFi
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leaders in the field trust wide open spaces

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during my conversations with nasya, i often find myself accessing hidden layers of truth within myself. nasya has a natural gift of powerful, authentic presence.

dr. david tusek, md

founder, cloud medical llc
I got deeper understanding, compassion and love for myself, others, nature, and the world.

yi shan

Productivity Executive Coach


with a decade of facilitation, coaching, and community-building experience, I've learned the beauty of these tools and how to best activate them for each unique individual or team.

my journey of refining this craft has involved years of extensive group facilitation, culminating in certification as an organization and relationship systems coach through the international coaching federation. my approach is grounded in a blend of systems theory, process work, family systems therapy, alternative dispute resolution, quantum physics, and co-active coaching™, among other disciplines.

as a practitioner, i am continuously delving into new areas for growth and learning. from somatic and mindset coaching to neuro-linguistic programming, i strive to weave various relevant disciplines into my work with each client. at the core, i believe in the power of rituals and relationships to cultivate a sense of belonging, bolster self-worth, and illuminate purpose for individuals and teams.

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