the field process

activate the field of your team’s superpowers

at wide open spaces, we’re all about helping companies, organizations and communities fine-tune their relational dynamics.

successful teams are not just about individual talents, but about how these talents interconnect and collaborate to achieve common goals. once you activate the relational field, and attune team members to harmonized collaboration, your team can reach its highest potential and create incredible impact in the world.

opportunities for your team or community
"nasya transformed how we work, but more importantly, how we work together."
Rachel Rosenzweig, Senior Director
Communications and Policy at SoFi
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cost savings

UCLA study found that teams save $6 in Health and Absenteeism cost for every $1 spent on emotional intelligence and culture systems.



Harvard Study of 20,000 employees showed a 20% increase in profitability in companies that focused on emotional intelligence training company.



Global Wellness Institute study shows that companies that implement Emotional Intelligence Systems see a 65% increase in employee retention.

nurturing your team’s relational landscape isn’t just an add-on; it’s the key thread to weaving your organization’s future.

by honing in on the connections that comprise the tapestry of your team, we help you see where the strengths and snags are so you can foster a workplace environment that promotes productivity, elevates morale, and sharpens your vision.

what we do

we use relationship systems intelligence to untangle and weave relational fields.

threads of emotional intelligence
relationship with oneself
threads of social intelligence
relationship with others
relationship systems tntelligence
the connection between members of the entire group
how it works

stage 1: explore

We start with a deep dive into your team’s unique blend, identifying your highest aspirations for your culture, productivity, and workplace vibe. Together, we’ll pinpoint and overcome the hurdles preventing you from achieving your vision.

stage 2: immerse

Next, we bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, empowering each team member to become part of this bigger vision. This leads to clarity, transparency, improved communication, and a trust-filled team dynamic.

stage 3: evolve

Through interactive experiences, we’ll experiment with strategies to craft your desired culture. Our aim? To create a joy-filled workplace where everyone feels connected to the vision and takes ownership of it. This work usually yields enhanced productivity and stimulates positive outcomes that resonate throughout the organization.

stage 4: integrate

Lastly, we make sure the changes stick. Together, we’ll weave the lessons learned into the fabric of your team, ensuring your new culture thrives and evolves.

we build trust

"Trusting employees are 260% more motivated to work, have 41% lower rates of absenteeism, and are 50% less likely to look for another job. But consider this: We also found that roughly 1 in 4 workers don’t trust their employer." MIT SMR

we reveal and
activate your team’s
unique ethos

"65% of employees say their culture has changed in the past two years. 67% of employees and leaders say culture is more important to business success than strategy and operations." - PWC

we optimize

"Communicating well is the one critical skill that 91 percent of 1,000 employees in a recent Interact/Harris Poll said their leaders lack."Harvard Business Review

about your coach

with a decade of facilitation, coaching, and community-building experience, I've learned the beauty of these tools and how to best activate them for each unique individual or team.

my journey of refining this craft has involved years of extensive group facilitation, culminating in certification as an organization and relationship systems coach through the international coaching federation. my approach is grounded in a blend of systems theory, process work, family systems therapy, alternative dispute resolution, quantum physics, and co-active coaching™, among other disciplines.

as a practitioner, i am continuously delving into new areas for growth and learning. from somatic and mindset coaching to neuro-linguistic programming, i strive to weave various relevant disciplines into my work with each client. at the core, i believe in the power of rituals and relationships to cultivate a sense of belonging, bolster self-worth, and illuminate purpose for individuals and teams.

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case study

during my conversations with nasya, i often find myself accessing hidden layers of truth within myself. nasya has a natural gift of powerful, authentic presence.

dr. david tusek, md
founder, cloud medical llc


each package has both in person and online options and
is curated for your unique team’s needs.

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