group experiences

here, change is the game.

what if change isn't just a possibility - it's an electrifying reality, a leap into a new way of being.

our group experiences are designed to help you level up holistically in a focused and supportive group environment.

where are you and where do you want to go? let's cross that edge together.

leap into a new way of being
why group experiences?

the first time I considered a group coaching experience, I hesitated.

i worried: would I receive enough personal attention? despite my doubts, i joined, and the benefits exceeded those of my 1:1 coaching encounters.

i discovered that their value wasn’t just about direct coaching; it was about the diverse contributions and insight that arose from the collective. I experienced breakthroughs by relating to the challenges and triumphs of others - insights i hadn’t previously uncovered on my own.

i walked away with:
lifelong friendships with like-minded individuals.
a new mentor in my life.
a supportive network of entrepreneurs and potential clients.

that’s the magic I aim to create in these experiences. they’re
designed for the curious, the ambitious, and those willing to
explore the often-overlooked forces that can significantly
enhance our lives when acknowledged and nurtured.

ready to play?

discover upcoming group experiences

notice what excites you, notice what scares you, notice where your tension goes. Where do you want to uplevel?

engagement level:
engagement level:
engagement level:
the friendship game
4 months

unlock the secrets of transformative friendships. gain profound insights, cultivating connections that breathe life into your world. Imagine friendships as sources of joy and fulfillment. Join this captivating self-discovery adventure, witnessing relationships flourish in unexpected ways.

April 2024
*Payment plans available. Inquire for options.


engagement level:
engagement level:
engagement level:
the trust experiment
4 weeks

embark on an experimental journey with a community, delving into the theme of trust. Each shared step brings new discoveries, fostering newfound confidence and deeper connections in this transformative experience.

June 2024
*Payment plans available. Inquire for options.


engagement level:
engagement level:
engagement level:
the transition game
3 months

we’ll go on a ride of self-discovery as we navigate transitions, revealing new perspectives and empowering you with newfound strength. discover your very own dance to the rhythm of life as we navigate the twists and turns with grace and playfulness. find your harmonious flow amidst the ever-changing landscape of transitions.

May 2024
*Payment plans available. Inquire for options.


case study:

nasya has the ability to hear things you had no idea you were even saying and has brought me some much needed self-awareness.


unlock my 3-step guide for tackling challenging choices.

Discover our simple technique to make big decisions and walk forward without regret.

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