create rituals that are your values lived out loud

i work with clients to create rituals for personal and team milestones helping to infuse meaning, creativity, and connection into significant moments at home and the workplace.

what is one transition or milestone you have coming up? how would you like it to feel?

let's transform your milestones

envision holiday, life, and team milestones steeped in profound connection, not mere routine.

we experience so many milestones in our lives from celebrations to transitions of joy and loss, but it’s easy to let them slip by without much notice or true fulfillment.

nasya will guide you in blending tradition and ancient wisdom with a modern twist to reinvigorate cyclical moments often celebrated on autopilot, filling them with renewed vitality and resonance.

curious to create your own twisted ritual?

let me help you turn your milestones into meaningful transitions.

from promotions to procedures, let these moments spark your creativity. Here are some moments we can reimagine together.


birthdays & holidays




medical procedures


grief & loss


personal milestones


let's create yours

Infuse your company values into your own curated company rituals. Here are some moments we can reimagine together.


onboarding & new hires


cohesion rituals


new years & quarters


team milestones


loss or hardship


departures & transitions
let's create yours
case study:
twisted jewish new year

her ability to ask deep and rich questions opened my heart in ways I could never have imagined

jane shapiro
founder at orot: center for new jewish learning.

here's what you'll get out of a twisted ritual

according to harvard’s happiness lab, the first step to creating more happiness is creating meaningful, shared memories to mark our time.

twisted rituals are designed to do just that. as your guide, i’ll help you dream up ways of weaving the ingredients of connection into your memories.


your biggest dream for your milestone moment


learn how you can show up with your whole self for what matters most


find a sense of overflowing appreciation as you move through this life experience


gain a deep feeling of connection to yourself and to loved ones


create space for insights to emerge, and capture memories that will carry with you into the future

my twisted ritual story

life has a way of throwing us into the depths, and for me, it was the untimely departure of my sister when I was just 15. wrestling with the very essence of god, i emerged on the other side with a profound connection to my judaism and hashem (god), stronger than ever.

navigating through turbulent transitions, i've discovered that rituals are my compass. they serve as the key to gracefully letting go of the past and stepping into the new, offering a bridge between one phase of life and the next. in a world of constant change, ritualizing these transitions brings an unparalleled sense of presence and connection to my life.

whether grieving a small loss or celebrating a new chapter, I create twisted rituals in real-time. each ritual is a unique blend of tradition and personal flair, allowing me to find solace, strength, and connection in every twist and turn of life's unpredictable journey.

rituals, to me, are like unwrapping a gift—an opportunity for connection with my core values.

when rituals come to life, it's as if the gift transcends into something extraordinary.

here are some examples of twisted rituals I've created in my life:

twisted passover
twisted mornings
want to try one for yourself?

get my twisted ritual birthday worksheet

download my birthday twisted ritual that’s helped my birthdays feel so much more meaningful and connected to friends and loved ones around the world.

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make your own

here's how we can create yours

ritual brainstorm

An hour-long brainstorm session where we'll explore possible ways for you to enrich an upcoming milestone
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co-created ritual

We'll fully create a custom ritual and plan for you to execute
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guided ritual

In addition to co-creating your ritual, I'll facilitate your ritual online or in person.
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join me for upcoming group twisted rituals

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