Twisted Ritual 

engagement level:
toe in
engagement level:
dip in
engagement level:
dive in

guided ritual


virtual or in-person
about the event

In addition to co-creating your ritual, I'll facilitate your ritual online or in person.

We'll meet:
*Payment plans available. Inquire for options.
what you'll get:
  • personalized facilitation for a unique and memorable experience.
  • customized ritual planning, incorporating community input.
  • in-depth guidance to ensure a meaningful and impactful event.

group masterclasses

Change is inevitable, so why not make it thrilling?

Imagine peering through a kaleidoscope, each turn revealing a new, intricate pattern. That's what our Masterclasses do. They dive deep into life's labyrinth, sparking vibrant discussions and experiential activities that unfold a novel understanding of your world. 

group games

It’s not just an experiment; it’s a microcosm of transformation.

Curiosity might have steered you toward group experiences, but fully immersing might seem daunting. Experiments are the perfect stepping stones to dip your toe safely in the waters of sharing and exploring in a group setting.

Our 4-week explorations orbit around a life theme, each week illuminating a new aspect through innovative tests. The vibe? Each step is a celebration. We’ll cheer each other on as we explore our edges together.

group experiments

Step into an immersive playground devoted to your most thrilling evolution.

These 3-4 month “games” catalyze profound transformation within an intimate, dynamic community. We’ll dive deeper than in our experiments, bathing in a sea of shared experiences and wisdom.

Here, we don't just play - we become the conscious creators of our lives. This is more than a game; it's a life-altering journey. 

twisted rituals

Whether grieving a small loss or celebrating a new chapter, join me for rituals blending tradition and personal flair.

Ready to reshape your milestones into moments of connection and growth?

team coaching

Fortify the Tapestry of Your Team’s Superpowers

At Wide Open Spaces, we’re all about helping companies, organizations and communities fine-tune their relational dynamics.

Successful teams are not just about individual talents, but about how these talents interconnect and collaborate to achieve common goals, much like the intricate threads of a well-woven tapestry.